Share Love. Give Love. Spread Love. 24-7-365. But make today SUPER SPECIAL, okay?

For those that are celebrating with a special someone: Drop all the negative thoughts and expectations. Today is not about the material things that you want or deserve. Rather, it is a celebration of the love that brought you two together. Check out this article on which features my very good friend and mentor, Dr. Patricia O’Gorman, talking about the 5 myths to ditch for a happier relationship this Valentine’s Day.

For my single friends: According to this Time’s article, it’s actually better to be single than be in a relationship on Valentine’s Day because, according to the author, “You are only missing out on the opportunity to participate in an exercise that makes everyone involved worse off than they would have been had the holiday not existed at all”. You can always adopt your own little sweetheart.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! ♥

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