Photo:ย Paul Buchowski/518Life Magazine

Less than a month after I came back from the BVIs, I was asked to appear on the fitness section of 518Life Magazine, and of course I said “Yes!” because, well, why not? It was also a great opportunity to gush about my fitness method and studio of choice in the Capital Region since it’s what got me in bikini shape for my BVI trip:ย Barre Bootcamp at The Hot Yoga Spot!

But first, a hair session with this super talented hairstylist, Crews:

Photos from for the website version:

And now, inside the magazine:

Shout out to the people who helped make all of this happen: Leo Crews for spending three hours to make sure my hair looks good; Mika Yogawear for providing the super cute outfit; Jessica Lustig, the owner of The Hot Yoga Spot, for allowing us to take photos in her studio; Paul Buchowski, the photographer, for making me feel comfortable in front of the camera; and Brianna Snyder of Times Union/518Life Magazine for the opportunity to share my love for barre! A totally fun experience that I would do again! Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

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