Ask someone who knows me to describe me in one word, and they will most likely tell you “HAPPY!”. Ever since my spiritual awakening, I have been able to successfully maintain a happy life, and I hope to stay on this path until my dying days.

How I do this is fairly simple; by applying these 5 SIMPLE LIFE RULES that I learned along the way. Keep in mind that we are all unique individuals with unique needs, so what has worked for me may not work for you, but hopefully this will at least help get you started on the right path. Check it:

Rule #1: Take Care of Yourself First

First and foremost, you must take care of yourself so that you are in your best state, physically, mentally, emotionally. To me, this means working out regularly and eating right, making time to meditate and self-reflect, and allowing myself to love freely and ride out my emotions. What you do to achieve this may be exactly the same or the total opposite, something that you must figure out and define for yourself.

Once you reach a healthy level, you become self-confident, have a higher self-esteem, and most importantly, gain a zest for living where laughter and having fun recurs throughout your day. In this state of being, you develop a general sense of contentment and realize that everything about your life at that moment, even parts unfavorable to you, is how it’s supposed to be, putting your mind at ease, heart at peace, and a smile on your face.

Rule #2: Don’t Sweat the Small (and Some of the Big) Stuff

As soon as you achieve a healthy state of being, you begin to realize that the little (and some of the big) things that you usually stress out so much about aren’t all that big of a deal and eventually become insignificant to you. You learn to accept that some people just can’t be changed, some things just can’t be controlled, and everything happens for a reason.

In this mindset, you are liberated from negative thoughts and feelings, allowing yourself to think clearly and respond to varying levels of adversity with logic and a positive attitude. Because you react with positivity, you realize the universe works in miracles and, in time, the misfortunes you are faced with become blessings in disguise.

Rule #3: Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

They say the energy you give off is the energy you attract, but how do you build up that force, and where does it come from? It comes from EVERYTHING around you! In order to build up good energy to give off, you must take in good energy by surrounding yourself with things, whether living or inanimate, that bring you up.

To me, this means being around positive people, listening to happy music, playing with my dogs, having plants in places I frequent, volunteering, and spending time outdoors to name a few examples. All of these things brighten up my mood, increasing my serotonin and brewing a lot of positive ions in me that, in a healthy state of being, I emit a noticeably powerful positive aura, attracting good energy even from miles away while deterring the negative ones.

Rule #4: Open Yourself to New Experiences

In a healthy state of being, and while saturated in your own positive aura, you awaken your inner adventurer and develop this need to expand your horizons. This differs from person to person, but for most, including me, it’s traveling abroad and exploring exotic places that stimulate my senses and broaden my views on life.

But it can be as simple as trying out that new Brazilian churrascaria restaurant down the block from where you live if you’ve never had churrasco before, or having a conversation with the elderly Asian lady feeding the birds in the park you pass by every morning on your way to work. By opening yourself to new experiences, you expose yourself to new carriers of positive ions, ultimately attracting and accumulating new good energies that become part of the positive aura you emit to brighten up the day of those around you.

Rule #5: Live In the Moment (and Love Every Second of It)

After the first couple of excursions and you get a taste of what life is like when you open yourself to new experiences, you become addicted to the lifestyle and want to do as much as you can. This is HIGHLY encouraged! But make sure, before you move on to your next adventure, you take a moment to breathe the air, to see what’s going on around you, to smell.. to taste.. to feel.. to live the moment exactly as it is when you stepped into it.

By doing so, you sharpen your senses that tend to dull with age, and capture a more vivid memory in your mind that you can revisit when you’re feeling nostalgic or a little down, or when facing an adversity, and need to reawaken your senses and brought back to a happy state.

Immediately upon revisiting that moment, you will be reminded that life isn’t so bad, and more happy times are ahead, and this is just a roadblock that was put there to help make you stronger. All you have to do is generate enough will and power to work through it, push the roadblock aside, so that you can continue on your path of happiness to a lifetime of happiness.

That’s what I do. 🙂

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