I went on a 2-week “Digital Detox + Disconnect” Trip to Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico with my sister, and it was such an awesome, eye-opening experience, I would totally do it again.

Just like the fancy name I gave the trip, the purpose was to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the natural one in order to recalibrate for the new year. I spoke a little bit more in details about this on, so this just is a recap of what kinds of trouble we got into:

We kept pretty busy with fitness activities:

We enjoyed learning about the Mayan culture:

Embracing #Mayan traditions.. || #TheSimpleLife #Disconnected #Natives #PlayadelCarmen #QuintanaRoo #Yucatan #Mexico ☀️??

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We spent Christmas with our Czech family, the people of La Calma:

And, of course, we had a ton of fun wherever we went:

Shout out to the best adventure partner, my sister Joan:

Tulum reminded me of being back in the Philippine Islands, but on my side of the world, so I instantly fell in love with this little beach town. Also, it’s an affordable enough of a trip that you can do it for a long weekend without breaking the bank.

I’m glad to have discovered Tulum because now I have a place to escape to whenever I feel the need to digitally detox and disconnect again, which happens pretty often. I’m actually already getting the itch to go back, so don’t be surprised if I am.. Hasta pronto, Tulum!

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