Jonaliza, Animated Hero by Ulises Farinas

Had it been left entirely up to destiny,
This story would not have begun.
Like the change of the tides below me,
At the rise and set of the sun,
This life, flawed and at times broken,
Changes course from season to season,
But with unwavering determination,
Love, hope and all I believe in,

The strength that you see before you,
Once was scarred by an iniquitous past,
Badly wounded and drowned in deep sorrow,
Has revived and rebuilt to outlast
All the hate, all the doubts and affliction,
Transforming bad energy into good,
Healed the heart, freed the soul from constriction,
Changed the mind from “what should” into “could”.

Don’t mistake me, I have fallen repeatedly,
Many times in this journey unplanned,
I’ve succumbed to my frailties defeatedly,
But then I rise, and with firmness I stand.
It’s because of the purpose I’m given,
Which requires me to be indestructible,
And have courage and vigor, be self-driven,
Be honorable and virtuous, incorruptible.

If to serve the greater good’s my life’s mission,
I will need this strength to advocate for all,
To defend the defenseless, a voice of reason,
I will fight at its beck and call
With this power I’ve been given, and resilience,
And the right state of mind, heart and soul,
And exceptional skills and great brilliance,
A risk-taker in complete control.

In your eyes, I may seem soft and helpless,
I hide behind this facade unprovoked,
But I’m no victim, not a damsel in distress,
I’m your real-life next-door hero, uncloaked.
While I’m ready to take on and change the world,
With a partner-in-crime right beside me..
This story continues but wouldn’t’ve begun,
Had it been left entirely up to destiny.

[Illustration: Ulises Farinas]

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