In 2015, my adventurous spirit was reawakened, and so I made sure to make every one of my day count regardless of what I was getting into or what kind of day I was having.

Once that became a natural part of my behavior, I decided it was time for me to start saying “Yes!”–and with enthusiasm–to activities and ideas I don’t normally agree to, or at least haven’t done in a long while. This is a look back to to my year of new adventures:

Got dolled up for the Alpha Phi Apha Black & Gold Scholarship Ball:

Back to barre at The Hot Yoga Spot:

Spent time with Ginuwine, still the same Ol’ G:

Sunset sail:

What made me become vegetarian once and for all:

Purchased my first standup paddleboard:

Obviously, #ImWithHer:

Got dirty for #EarthDay:

Back to Wrightsville Beach:

SheForceCo photoshoot goofiness:

Can’t get enough of Tulum:

This punk, right here:

Took up archery:

Morning paddle + aquaculture:

Tree Pose:

Paddled with the family:

Spent the weekend at the ADKs with Andrew:

Whitewater rafting:

Too much fun at the DNC in Philly:

Hiked a High Peak:

Chilled out on a Block Island boulder:

Super-duper irie for The Wailers:

Posed at Wall Street:

Don’t need a hero“:

Ran the Ocean Road 10K once again:

Riding lessons with this punk, LOL:

An awakened soul on Sleeping Beauty:

Went to Tulum one more time:

Paddled the Caribbean Sea:

Tested my balance:

Said “No!” to fur on Black Friday:

And finally, went back home to the Motherland:

I enjoy reflecting on the past, which I’m lucky were mostly good memories. This is a result of being open to ideas, having a a great attitude, but mostly, the good spiritsย who created and shared these experiences with me. So, thank you for the good time, but bring on 2017 because I have a feeling it’s gonna be AMAZING!

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