I’ve been to California many times before, but this time with a different purpose: to fight off the post-Northeastern winter blues and recover peacefulness. Nowhere better to do this than the West Coast, especially if you need a quick fix. Because when you see sunshine, blue skies in some of the most beautiful places in the world everyday, it’s really more of an effort to be sad.. Here’s a recap of my 4-day getaway to SoCal:

Exploring Joshua Tree National Park:

Like I’m in another world.. #SkullRock #JoshuaTree #TheGreatOutdoors 🏜

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It’s better in person.. #KeysView #JoshuaTree #TheGreatOutdoors 🏜

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#JoshuaTreeNationalPark 🏜

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Catching up with an old friend at Venice Beach:

“Training” with the Chings for a piece on

Making memories with the Pau Hana Surf Supply Co. family:

What time is it?! It’s #PauHanaTime! 🏄🏾‍♀️

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Just like this isn’t my first time in the area, it’s certainly not my last. Because there are so many hidden gems and places I haven’t explored yet (or would like to visit again) on this side of the United States, that I’ll be back many more times before I die. Whenever that will be, I just hope that it’ll be exactly how it looks now, or even better..

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