Today, NASA Langley Research Center opened its door to space nerds like me so that we could gain insight and a better understanding of the awesome things that happen in this world-renowned research facility. This is in celebration of it’s 100th birthday to take place on July 17th, making it the oldest NASA field center.

The day began with a preview of the soon-to-be released documentary which looks back across the 100 years of NASA Langley, with updates on work being done today and a peek into the future.

After the video, we got on the bus to scope out the different areas of the facility where we learned a little bit more about its various functionalities. These include: meeting ISAAC (Integrated Structural Assembly of Advanced Composites), a robotic platform used to support research for composite materials and structure; the 14X22 Subsonic Wind Tunnel used for aeronautic research (and sometimes non-aircraft ones); the Flight Research Hangar which houses NASA’s flight assets; and my favorite, the Landing and Impact Research Center (previously called the Lunar Landing Research Facility) where they tested moon landing before U.S. made history. I posted photos of the tour as it happened on Twitter.

The all-day experience was totally eye-opening, and a great reminder for dreamers like me that ANYTHING is possible (Is it too late to be an astronaut?). This happened, all thanks to NASA Social, a “program that provides opportunities for social influencers to learn and share information about NASA’s missions, people, and programs”.

The best part about this experience? Being among scientists, engineers, other members of the NASA Langley and space enthusiasts who get excited about this stuff as I do. 🤓

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