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Photo: Matt Schweitzer

You’ve never seen this side of him before. And unless you’re part of his inner circle, you most likely didn’t know that world renowned sup surfer, racer and  and Ultimate Waterman Zane Schweitzer has been journaling about life’s adventures since he was a grom traveling the world as a sponsored stand up paddle athlete.

Creating In-Zane: A Lifetime of Pages

Encouraged at an early age by his paternal grandmother, Zane picked up a pen and started writing down the details of his day-to-day life as a way to cope with the everyday stress of becoming an up-and-coming stand up paddle rock star. Today, he has over a decade’s worth of handwritten journals that recap his journeys.  These, he’s consolidated into a book to give mere mortals a peek into what happens in his “inZane life”—on the water and beyond.

“Journaling is like meditation for me, and it gives me a sense of routine,” Zane explains, crediting his growth and much of his success to this form of writing. “[It] has helped me stay grounded and keep my life in perspective; it’s helped me stay [focused on] my dreams and goals.”

In Beneath the Surface, Zane shares innermost thoughts about his life experiences and personal philosophies that reveal a sensitive and compassionate side of him few have seen before. Through these writings, Zane hopes that readers will identify with him not only in his celebrations but also his struggles. Ultimately, he hopes to give insight into “what lies beneath the surface” of this wildly accomplished waterman.

Why Pick Up A Copy of “Beneath the Surface”?

“There’s a lot of things I reveal about me [in this book] not many people know about,” Zane responded. “I hope that my friends and followers will pick up a copy to learn more about me and from my experiences with hopes to grow themselves. Because when I pick up a book, I wanna be enlightened. I wanna feel inspired. I wrote this book with hopes to do just that.”

Beneath the Surface will be released in November 2017.  You can pre-order your copy today at Order before September 1st and receive an autographed copy plus a bonus ebook.

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