At the start of 2020, my family decided we wanted to live a more sustainable lifestyle including eliminating single-use plastic from our home and launched an ecoshop to help other families do the same. We thought it was more important now more than ever to do our part to help the planet become plastic waste-free so that the future can be greener for our little human, Jordana, and other little humans in our community.

With this ecoshop, which we named Spruce & Sprout, we make it our mission to guide the local transition to sustainable living and help it become mainstream by making eco-friendly alternatives to everyday essentials easily accessible. Our collection includes all-natural, toxic-free, cruelty-free, upcycled, recycled, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable merchandise, sourced locally and internationally from vendors on the same mission. Orders are carefully wrapped in recyclable, plastic-free packaging and shipped using carbon neutral shipping when possible to offset the climate impact of the shipment.

Our ecoshop currently only exist online, but we are already planning for a brick-and-mortar to open in the Capital Region in the near future! Our storefront will not only offer earth-friendly products like the online version does, but will also serve as a refill station and sustainability and zero waste resource for the community. We can’t wait to open the doors!

Until then, make sure you visit our online ecoshop for all your minimal to zero waste needs. We will be adding new products regularly, so be sure to keep checking back–we may have what you don’t find now later. You can always drop us a line to put in a request for a specific product.

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