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My Story

Life is an adventure full of unlimited possibilities, and I’m a prime example of someone who has taken these words to heart. Because pursuit of the limitless creates a life abundant in eye-opening and life-changing experiences that stimulate personal growth, self-love and appreciation, and results in a more meaningful, purposeful, and therefore fulfilling and happy existence.

My name is Jonaliza, just an ordinary girl who chooses to live an extraordinary life, and this website documents my journey as I strive to pursue the limitless in order to realize my life’s purpose and unleash my true potential. It’s also a creative space where I showcase works of imagination, offer opportunities for collaboration and share little snaps of the adventures of life, while freely expressing the infinite love and gratitude I have for the wisdom, skills, resources, not to mention {{{ good vibes }}} I acquire along the way.

But don’t be mistaken, I have not just embarked on this journey. The person reflected on this website — a career-driven fitness adventurer with an entrepreneurial mind, philanthropic heart, and irie soul — is the product of my evolution from many years of exploration and self-discovery. Often times on bumpy roads, but perseverance always triumphed.

And I continue on better than ever before, in the right state of mind, and with a much stronger foundation. Physically, mentally and emotionally, I am equipped to take on even bigger challenges, and I welcome new adventures and opportunities that will test my limits, as long as it contributes to my growth and desire to become the very best version of myself.

With this website, I hope to evoke hope and confidence among my peers, and others who stumble upon this little corner of the World Wide Web, by demonstrating that even a girl like me coming from humble beginnings can achieve personal greatness. All it takes is unflinching determination, relentless effort, and the willingness to live without limits.

Much love to my family and friends who supported my growth; to the tenacious forces who fueled my drive; to the enlightened souls who helped broaden my horizon; and to YOU for taking a chance on me and being here to share the experience! I am blessed to love the life that I live because of the part you played to steer me in the right direction, and so it’s to you that I dedicate this website to.

One Love–